Our story

Sue grew up with a father, who had always given great interest in tourists and invited them in their home, sharing what they could afford. Growing up with the idea of hospitality, Sue wanted to live her father’s legacy and started learning English, worked for several tourism businesses, and fought several life difficulties in between. Through her open mind and heart, Sue experienced a lot of help from all kinds of different people, foreigners as well as locals, who helped her to finally achieve her life’s dream: to host foreigners, just like her father once did. She is now successfully running her Bamboo Delight cooking class with her husband Leslie and at the same time helping her community through Bamboo Delight Charity, which opened in the same year as the cooking class. She says that giving back and sharing is not only her way of living Buddhism, but also her own way of saying thank you.

I don’t care about the money, I care about love.

– Sue

Leslie learned how to cook from a very young age, when his mother was a street food seller in Yangon, providing food for the working people. Being curious about anything you can put in a wok, Leslie wanted to learn all there is to know about national and international cuisine. After attending a culinary school he started working in different hotel kitchens. After more than 18 years of experience and mastering various kinds of culinary styles and techniques, Leslie made his way as his own chef in the Bamboo Delight Cooking School.

This cooking school is the result of our love of food, life, and each other. In our past we had to overcome a lot of difficulties and hard times, which taught us to appreciate everything good we get and at the same time share these gifts with our guests and community.

-Sue & Leslie

Sue and Leslie cook and create delicious Shan style food with over 3000 travellers each year.